Welcome to Simpleviewer Gallery.xml generator for photobucket public albums

Author: Setu Garg

Steps to generate gallery.xml:
  1. Log into your photobucket.com account
  2. Navigate to the album for which you want to create the Simpleviewer Gallery
  3. When the image thumbnails are loaded, click on "View All" button (This button will only be visible if you have lots of photos in the album and there is not enough room on the page for their thumbnails
  4. Scroll to the botton and check the "Select/Unselect All" checkbox to select all the thumbnails. Alternatively, you can select the images you want to include in the Simpleviewer gallery
  5. Click on "Generate HTML and IMG Code" button
  6. On the next page, photobucket generates different types of URLs for the images. Scroll down and click in the text area with title "URL's for email, Yahoo messenger, AOL messenger, etc"
  7. Copy the complete text in the text area and paste in the box below

  8. Gallery Title:

    Image Caption:

  9. Click on the button below to Generate the XML

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